Dental emergency room in Oslo city center

The dental emergency room is open until 12:00 midnight every day. We provide you with good service and pleasant experiences with our dentists, dental technicians and specialists who have broad expertise. We are in the middle of Oslo Center in Grønland within walking distance of Tøyen or Grünerløkka.

Night shift dentist

If you need a dentist on night shift visit us here.

Our dentists make every effort to give you good teeth at a reasonable price.

Accidents occur, teeth are like any other body part and injuries can happen. If you are unlucky and get a tooth injury, we assist with immediate examination and treatment of the injury. Common injuries are that a bit of the tooth is missing, the tooth is out of position or one or more teeth are knocked out. In any case, it is important to contact us as soon as possible. It is very important to put teeth that have been knocked out in milk or to keep them in the mouth when taking them to the dentist.

The sooner you get to the dentist the more chance it is to be able to keep the exposed teeth. Struck teeth are reset by the dentist, root canals fillings may be required upon insertion. Often you get compensation from home insurance or Helfo.

We can offer quick treatments for dental problems. Most people have experienced toothache and know that it is extremely unpleasant. Toothache can be experienced as very intense, throbbing, sharp or stinging pain. Common painkillers such as paracet and ibux generally have little effect against such pain. We take care to solve the cause of the complaints so that you can have a pain-free life.

If you have toothache, it is recommended that you consult a dentist or dentist for examination and treatment. Toothache is usually caused by nerve inflammation, inflammation of the gums or gums. Here are two common solutions.

Root canal: We recommend keeping teeth as long as possible. This option can be expensive, but it is best to keep your own teeth. As a patient, you should make decisions about your own teeth, which is why our dentists are good at informing you about which alternatives are available.

Dental extraction: In case of major dental injuries you can extract the tooth. Tooth extraction is painless when properly anesthetized. This option is the last resort but has quick pain relief effect. The patient is often sore for a few days after treatment.

With us you get an appointment on the day! Common complaints that patients come with are toothache, lack of filling, tooth swelling, tooth damage and lost tooth.