Our dental care treatments

Vi kan hjelpe deg med det meste innenfor tannhelse. Vi tilbyr en rekke tannbehandlinger som bl.a. rotfylling, akutthjelp, estetisk tannpleie.


With a quick treatment of caries, the disease can be stopped before there is any tooth decay.


Most people get tartar to a greater or lesser extent. Tartar makes teeth lightly discolored and can also cause bad breath. With us you get rid of tartar in a quick and gentle way.

Emergency care

We try to help anyone with a toothache and need emergency care. We offer appointments on the same day, if there is no heavy traffic.

Root canal filling

The most common reason for a root canal filling is that bacteria have come all the way to the nerve in the tooth. It causes inflammation of the gum that can cause pain and lasting damage. In order for the inflammation to disappear, we need to make a so-called root canal filling.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are a solution that works as a tooth replacement for your own teeth and have customizable colors that give a natural look.


An inflammation of the gums can have several causes. The most common is that the bacterial coating is left at the bottom of the tooth which leads to the development of gingivitis.

Aesthetic treatments

We perform home teeth whitening. Discolored plastic fillings, dental cleaning, filling and gaps. We have offers on Shell facets as aesthetic dental treatment. With us you can find many options and opportunities for those who want a beautiful smile.

Wisdom Teeth

For some, wisdom teeth present great problems. Often there is a tight space, which can cause pain and inflammation. Then the solution may be to remove the wisdom tooth.

Gum disease

If you are afflicted with pain in your gums, please contact our gum specialist. It is possible to prevent the development of the disease, whether it is, for example, simple gingivitis (a gingivitis) or a more severe inflammation such as periodontitis (which causes the teeth to loosen). You should check with your dentist or dentist regularly.


A veneers is a very thin "shell" that can be attached to the tooth if damaged or discolored. You can also use a veneers if you have a tooth with an unwanted shape or a large gap between two teeth.


Incorrect teeth can cause major problems such as jaw failure and damage to the teeth. Therefore, you can get support from the health care system when you or your child needs dental care.

Dental Implant

When a tooth is missing or needs to be removed, it can be replaced with a dental implant. This is a modern treatment that gives good results for most people.

Dental filling

Today, there are many different types of dental fillings. Instead of amalgam that was common in the past, we now use tissue-saving tooth fillings that do not contain mercury.