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Incorrect teeth can cause major problems such as jaw failure and damage to the teeth. Therefore, you can get support from the health care system when you or your child needs dental care.

Many children and young people get orthodontics, but also more and more adults see the benefit of regulating their teeth. Improper tooth position can in the long run cause major problems in the jaw joint. Proper teeth are also easier to clean.

It is the dentist or dental hygienist who assesses whether orthodontics is necessary. If they recommend braces, they refer you to an orthodontist. It is the orthodontist who decides if there is a need for treatment and if so, what type of treatment.

Why braces?

The purpose of orthodontics is usually to change the joint and tooth position so that the function is better. By reducing an overbite, the risk of damage to the front teeth themselves is also reduced. If the bite is open, braces can contribute to better bite and chewing function. In the event of large hatches or loss of teeth in the front, the hatch can be sealed by means of braces.

Some people want braces for cosmetic reasons, for example because their teeth are crooked.

Price of braces

Since the price of braces depends on how extensive the treatment is, the price can vary from 15,000 NOK to 60,000 or more. For many, this is a lot of money. Therefore, children and young people receive support from the health service when they need braces. In some cases, you as an adult can also receive support if you need braces.

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Orthodontic support for children

Children and young people under the age of 20 who need braces can be covered up to 100 percent by Helfo. It is the type of treatment that determines how much is covered.

Sibling moderation in orthodontics

If more than one child in the family needs braces, you may be entitled to sibling moderation. Therefore, it is important that you notify the orthodontist if there are more in the sibling group.

Orthodontic support for adults

Basically, as an adult you have to pay for the braces yourself, but there are several exceptions such as certain diseases or injuries.

Check when you can get braces support as an adult

If you want braces for cosmetic reasons, you have to pay the costs yourself.


Braces for children

When the child is to receive braces, it is important that the orthodontist makes the correct diagnosis and provides the correct treatment.

The goal is for the teeth to be in such a way that no injuries and ailments occur as a result of a bite error or incorrect tooth position. Since it is easier to keep your teeth clean when they are straight, braces will also contribute to fewer cavities and gum disease.

Orthodontics for adults

More and more adults want to regulate their teeth for cosmetic reasons. For some, it can provide increased security in social contexts. Other reasons to get braces in adulthood can be

  • Correction of errors that were not corrected when you were young
  • Change in tooth position due to illness
  • Tooth loss or major tooth wear

If you get braces as an adult, you can today choose a white or transparent braces that are less visible than the traditional braces.

Invisible braces

Today, you can choose to have an almost invisible brace, and especially many adults prefer this. You can choose between fixed and removable invisible braces. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

Fixed invisible braces

  • Invisible
  • Glued to the back of the teeth
  • Makes it a little harder to speak cleanly
  • It is more difficult to clean your teeth
  • Slightly higher cost than removable braces

Detachable invisible braces

  • Invisible
  • Detachable
  • Easier to clean your teeth
  • Less effective for large bite defects
  • Slightly lower cost than fixed regulation

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