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We take a thorough assessment of your wisdom teeth and together we decide if they should…

For some, wisdom teeth present great problems. Often there is a tight space, which can cause pain and inflammation. Then the solution may be to remove the wisdom tooth.

What are wisdom teeth?

The four wisdom teeth sit at the back of the jaw up and down. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth we get and often appear only at the age of 20. As long as the wisdom teeth do not present problems, there is no reason to pull them. For some, however, wisdom teeth present some major problems. Then it may be right and necessary to have them removed.

Wisdom teeth and pain

Maybe you have felt that it is tender and painful when the wisdom teeth grow out? It is quite common and gives no reason to remove them. The soreness usually disappears when the tooth has grown out. If you need to relieve the pain, you can try using mouthwash with chlorhexidine. It can also be a good help in taking painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

Common issues with wisdom teeth.

If wisdom teeth cause persistent discomfort, consider removing them.

Most problems with wisdom teeth occur as a result of their occurrence

For some, wisdom teeth lead to other ailments, for example

  • damage to other teeth as a result of the wisdom teeth pressing on the neighboring teeth
  • cyst in the jaw and which can damage the jawbone or other teeth
  • that it becomes too narrow in the jaw so that the front teeth risk becoming crooked and the bite changes


Removing wisdom teeth

Before we remove the wisdom tooth, we always make a thorough assessment in consultation with you, so that we are sure that we choose the right solution.

When we are going to pull the wisdom tooth, you get local anesthesia first. Then we remove the tooth gently and with the help of modern equipment. Usually it's all over in a quarter of an hour.

If you need something soothing when we pull the wisdom tooth, you can get a drug called benzodiazepine. For some, anesthesia may be appropriate, especially if all four wisdom teeth are to be pulled at once. To reduce swelling and pain, ibuprofen and / or paracetamol are useful.

What does it cost to remove wisdom teeth?

A wisdom tooth that needs to be operated on costs more than if we can pull it out. This is because an operation is a much larger intervention and those who operate have specialist expertise in this particular area. Part of the costs of surgery can be covered by the health service.

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Pain after removing wisdom tooth

After the wisdom tooth is pulled, most people experience that it swells up around the area where the wisdom tooth was, which can feel uncomfortable. Rarely, a nerve injury occurs that can cause numbness in the lip or tongue, and in very rare cases, this injury becomes permanent.

If the swelling does not go down and the pain continues, you must contact us.

Do you have more questions about wisdom teeth and wondering if you should remove them?Contact us and we will help you!